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SPBR Health/Safety

SPBR offices re-opened to visitors July 6, 2021. For those participating in hearings and/or meetings, the safety of visitors and staff is a top priority. Although there are no specific, current State of Ohio mandates, it is suggested that vaccinations, distancing and/or masks are among important options available to maximize health protections for all involved. If any special medical or personal needs/concerns exist

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What Is SPBR?

The State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) is a quasi-judicial agency, with jurisdiction over classified civil service employees across the State of Ohio. This includes county, state, and university employees. SPBR adjudicates various employment related matters pertaining to the following:

  • Exempt employees in the classified civil service
  • Non-exempt employees in the classified civil service who have not been organized
  • Non-exempt employees whose collective bargaining agreement allows an appeal to the Board.

In certain cases, issues related to whistleblower complaints, OSHA and municipal civil service commissions may be reviewed by SPBR. 

What Does SPBR Do?

SPBR conducts administrative hearings to resolve disputes arising from appeals and investigation requests filed with the Board. Cases are generally heard by one of the Board’s Administrative Law Judges, who are attorneys licensed to practice law in Ohio and are highly experienced in personnel law issues. The Board provides oversight of municipal and township civil service commissions and has the power to appoint and remove commission members (O.R.C. 124.40). For a full explanation of SPBR’s powers and duties, please refer to O.R.C. 124.03.


Timely Filings Still Required!!!

If you are subject to a dismissal, discipline, classification change, etc., state law still requires a timely filing with SPBR by affected state, county, university, etc., employees.  Our agency is set-up to receive such filing by electronic, email, US Mail, etc., methods.   

Forms and Guidebooks

These are the most commonly used forms and guidebooks.

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