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Terry L. Casey
January 10, 2020 | About Us

Terry L. Casey

Terry Casey is a native of Coshocton and was first appointed to the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) by Governor John R. Kasich on January 14, 2011.  He has served as Chairman during the past ten plus years.  During this period, SPBR expanded its number of oral arguments before the full Board in order to ensure careful examination of legal issues.  SPBR’s recent statewide educational programs have attracted record turn-out of attendees and provided highly-rated speakers.  

A graduate of Ohio State University in 1972, Mr. Casey holds a degree in Business Administration and also studied journalism. Mr. Casey served as Administrative Assistant to Columbus Mayor Tom Moody and U.S. Representative Sam Devine. He also served 14 years on the Franklin County Board of Elections, including 12 years as its Chairman.  During his election board service, Mr. Casey was involved with a variety of personnel issues, including the implementation of merit pay and employee evaluations.  During this period, he was also active with election officials around Ohio and was appointed by Bob Taft as Chairman of the Board of Voting Machine Examiners.   

Mr. Casey has had extensive background in media and research consulting, including work with Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson, various schools, libraries, judges and local government officeholders. He served on the Columbus Metropolitan Library Board of Trustees 1988-2002, including as its board president. During his tenure, the Columbus Metropolitan Library system gained ranking as the nation’s number one library and hosted First Lady Barbara Bush at its main library re-dedication. Mr. Casey was named to the Ohio Library Trustee Hall of Fame and served on the Ohio Library Council board for six years, including as its Chair. Mr. Casey has been a regular television news panelist and consultant in Columbus and statewide.

Personally, he has been a student of history and an active photographer, traveling extensively on six continents and 23 countries in Europe, plus recent travels to southeast Asia, southern Africa, the Amazon River and Middle East. 

Married nearly 49 years, his wife was previously a Registered Nurse with Dublin City Schools.  His son has a Masters in Computer Technology from the University of Virginia and his daughter-in-law is University of Virginia Law School graduate.  There are two Casey grandsons, ages ten and eight.