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Board Jurisdiction

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 124.40, the Board has the power of appointment to, removal from, and supervision of municipal and civil service township civil service commissions.

If the appointing authority of any city fails to appoint a civil service commission or commissioner, as provided by law, within sixty days after the appointing authority has the power to so appoint, or after a vacancy exists, SPBR shall make the appointment, and the appointee shall hold office until the expiration of the term of the appointing authority of the city. SPBR has the authority to make municipal civil service commission rules and regulation if the commission fails to prepare and submit them as required by R.C. 124.

Municipal civil service commissions are required to submit to the Board a yearly report of the manner in which the law and the rules and regulations under it have been and are being administered, and the results of their administration, in the city, city school district, and city health district. A copy of the annual report of each municipal civil service commission shall be filed in the office of the board as a public record.

Whenever SPBR has reason to believe that a municipal civil service commission is violating or is failing to perform the duties imposed upon it by law, or that any member of a municipal civil service commission is willfully or negligently violating the law or failing to perform official duties as a member of the commission, it has the authority to institute an investigation. If the Board determines that there has been a violation or failure to perform the duties imposed by law, it shall make a written report of the violation or failure to the chief executive authority of the city, who shall then remove the municipal civil service commissioner or commissioners.