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History of SPBR

In 1882, Senator George H. Pendleton of Ohio presented a bill to Congress to eliminate the spoils system and to introduce, in its place, a non-partisan civil service on a federal level. Congress adopted the bill, which became known as the Pendleton Civil Service Act.

In 1912, civil service was introduced on a state level in Ohio. The delegates of the 4th Constitutional Convention agreed that the civil service system should be instituted "so far as practicable" and the Civil Service Act was subsequently written and passed in 1913.  The Civil Service Act was amended in 1915 to provide for an appeal to the Civil Service Commission by those classified employees "who had been reduced in pay or position, laid off, suspended, discharged or discriminated against by the appointing officer."

In 1959, House Bill 794 abolished the State Civil Service Commission and created in its place the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) and Office of State Personnel (later renamed the Department of Administrative Services).

Past Board Members:

Carl W. Smith
Minor C. Kershner
Paul F. Benson
Reuben M. Payne 
William N. Lovelace
James R. Gould
John P. Cook
Earl W. Allison 
Lowel T. Fess
Fred K. Cassel
Frank E. Avren
James E. Hughel
Warren S. Earhart
Charles V. Schwenker
M. Morris Jackson
William A. Lavelle
William E. Hinig
Patricia A. Hamilton
Debora Batta
Roger W. Tracy
Paul M. Booth
Adriana M. Sfalcin