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Board Members & Staff

The State Personnel Board of Review is comprised of three members, appointed by the Governor of the State of Ohio with the advice and consent of the Senate. No more than two Board members may be affiliated with the same political party and each member serves a six-year term.

Members of the Board

Terry L. Casey (R); term expires 2023
Ross W. McGregor (R); term expires 2019
Dwight Tillery (D); term expires 2021

SPBR conducts administrative hearings to resolve factual and legal disputes arising from appeals filed with the Board. Cases are generally heard by one of the Board’s Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), who are attorneys licensed to practice law in Ohio. The ALJ may subpoena witnesses and documents, administer oaths or affirmations, receive or exclude evidence for cause, and submit written recommendations, with supporting findings of fact and conclusions of law, to the Board. ALJs are not bound by the Ohio Rules of Evidence when conducting hearings.

Administrative Law Judges also preside over settlement conferences and conduct mediations as requested by the parties to an appeal.

SPBR Support Staff

James R. Sprague, Administrative Law Judge •
Jeannette E. Gunn, Administrative Law Judge •
Elaine K. Stevenson, Administrative Law Judge •
Raymond M. Geis, Administrative Law Judge •
Diana L. Mills, Program Administrator •
Erin E. Conn, Program Administrator •

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