About the Board

The State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) is a quasi-judicial agency, with statutory jurisdiction over employment-related matters pertaining to exempt employees in the classified civil service, to non-exempt employees in the classified service who have not been organized, and to non-exempt employees whose collective bargaining agreement allows an appeal to the Board.

SPBR conducts administrative hearings to resolve factual and legal disputes arising from appeals filed with the Board. Cases are generally heard by one of the Board’s Administrative Law Judges, who are attorneys licensed to practice law in Ohio. The Board also has the power of appointment to, removal from, and supervision of municipal and civil service township civil service commissions.

In some limited situations, the Board may hear appeals brought by unclassified employees or by individuals who are not members of the civil service of the State of Ohio. Civil service employees who are subject to a collective bargaining agreement should contact their union representative or the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) to determine their right to appeal an employment-related action.


This website contains general information regarding the State Personnel Board of Review. It is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice.